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floMOBIL, the eCarsharing service from Tyrol

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It’s as easy as this


Drivers register online

Drivers register with an online form and then receive a personal flo MOBILITYCARD from you.


floPILOT book flos

With the flo MOBILITYCARD, a floPilot can book a flo at your – and all other – floMOBIL locations and use it as needed.


Enjoy uncomplicated flexibility

flo MOBILITYCARDS save cumbersome handling of keys. The easy-to-use booking software enables highly efficient mobility and provides insightful trip analyses.

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Your advantages as a partner company

Use eMobility for business trips and save noticeably on expenses! On short distances, an e-vehicle consumes much less than a combustion engine – and most business trips are quite short. With the superior booking software from floMOBIL you can also make much better use of your fleet.

  • Flexible, environmentally friendly mobility with simultaneous utilization optimization of your vehicle fleet, traceable through trip analyses
  • Outsourcing of personnel-intensive organisation while simultaneously enhancing your image in terms of sustainability
  • A »goodie« on request as an employee programme: flo MOBILITYCARDS for the entire staff, valid at all public floMOBIL locations

Our Service


As a floMOBIL partner, you benefit from our many years of experience with e-vehicles. This means we can give you the best possible advice on choosing the right model and the right charging station. We are also there for you when it comes to processing – such as leasing contracts. As a location partner, we naturally take care of the entire infrastructure and its maintenance.

Hardware & Software

To ensure that car sharing functions smoothly, we use sophisticated booking software that can be adapted to your needs and is conveniently operated via a browser. Communication between the e-vehicle and software also requires a »brain«, the telematics that we procure, configure, and integrate into your flos.

Billing & Evaluation

For internal cost accounting, we optionally set up an individual price model for you so that you can book the costs of the incurred trips to different departments. And because information is one of the most important goods of our time, we can provide you with a monthly evaluation with the most important key figures on vehicle use in your company on request.


With eCarsharing, our work with the smooth running of the technology and reliable maintenance of the vehicles is ongoing. If your company becomes part of the floMOBIL network, we will provide you with information material via our cloud, so that you can easily explain to your employees how your new eCarpool works and how everyone benefits from it.


Organize your vehicle fleet with floMOBIL! With our software, you can better utilize your company’s own vehicles and gain significantly in mobility efficiency. To do this, we either retrofit your vehicles or place floMOBIL vehicles on your company premises, ready to use.

  • Booking software and access cards instead of time-consuming key handovers
  • Optimal utilisation of your vehicle fleet instead of cost-intensive downtimes

Become a floMOBIL partner with a company-owned eCarpool! As your partner, we provide you with a powerful eCarpool and take care of everything for your flos. You can use this service to display environmental friendliness and generate additional revenue.

  • On request: your logo co-branded on flos
  • Comfortable, climate-friendly mobility for employees and local residents
  • Additional earnings by renting to public floMOBIL users

Decide on a corporate membership with floMOBIL! As a corporate customer, you benefit from a reduced monthly fee from the premium rate for your entire staff, who can then book flos at all public floMOBIL locations at a low cost.

  • Affordable access to flexible, environmentally friendly mobility for your entire workforce
  • Significantly reduced monthly fee from the premium rate and clear, collective invoices

Mobility upgrade for your company

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Our Customers

»The switch to floMOBIL was a complete success for us. Now we can use our company fleet efficiently and above all, the ongoing evaluation is an important tool, to achieve further improvements in vehicle use.«
(Frank Pohler, Plansee SE)

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