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Simply register online!

To register with floMOBIL you only need a few minutes to fill out an online form. This is necessary because we need to know some things about you before we can entrust you with a flo. However, we assure you that your data is safe with us and we will only use it to give you access to flos. The registration is free of charge and you will only be charged when you pick up your flo MOBILITYCARD.




You need your flo MOBILITYCARD to unlock and lock your flo. You have to pick up a flo MOBILITYCARD in person because we have to check your driver’s license before you can go with a flo. You will receive your flo MOBILITYCARD immediately after you have paid the registration fee and a deposit. At the customer office we will also advise you about which rate is most favourable for you.

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Start flo - download the app and book flo flexibly

1. book flo:
You can book your flo anytime and at any available location. You can do this using the app or booking service on our website.

2. Unlock flo and go:
Your flo MOBILITYCARD unlocks your booked flo. To do this, hold your flo MOBLITYCARD to the marked unlock area behind the windshield. When you end your journey and park your flo, lock it the same way. Please check your flo for damages before driving. If you find any damages, please report it immediately (in the app under »Show damage«) so that they are not applied to you!

3.Turn your flo off:
At the end of your booked time, park your flo at the location and connect it to the charging station with the charging cable in the trunk. Please do not forget to lock the flo your flo MOBILITYCARD, and also make sure to close all windows.

Charging network

At our locations, flos are connected to the charging station. You flo should be charged when you pick it up. If you need to recharge during your trip, you can find where this is possible on this map. But only three percent of all flo drivers have had to charge their flo during their use of it. This affects only one in every 300th trip. To be able to charge your flo at one of these stations, we recommend the »be ENERGISED Community«, app, which you can use to start and pay for the charging.



You may find the answer to your question here. If you have another question, please send us an email to In the event of a pressing problem, the best thing to do is to contact our hotline which is available to you around the clock at +43 50 63 00 50.

Please check the vehicle for defects, scratches and evidence of an accident before you start your journey and immediately report them to the floMOBIL hotline at +43 50 63 00 50, so that you are not held responsible for them. You can find more information about the vehicle in the respective instructions.

Yes, you can rent floMOBIL e-cars at all floMOBIL locations! Best of all: apart from local promotions, the same rates apply at every floMOBIL location.

Please note that new floMOBIL locations that are still in the introductory phase are an exception. You can recognize this by the fact that you cannot book the flos of these locations even after logging in.

You can easily book your flo with your smartphone or via the Website : Enter your preferred floMOBIL station, the day and time, and the planned route length. The system will then automatically check whether an e-vehicle is available at the selected station. If a flo is available, you can complete your booking. If all flos are already assigned at the time in question, you can also book an electric vehicle at other floMOBIL stations.

If you don’t have internet access at the time of booking, call +43 50 63 00 50 and ask for your flo.

The range depends on the type of vehicle, the driving style, its load and many other factors – just like with a combustion engine. In contrast to diesel or petrol cars, city trips with e-vehicles consume less energy than trips on motorways or rural roads.

Experience shows that the average route in Tyrol is nine kilometres. Each of our flos can easily manage that. However, if you would like to drive a longer distance, then use your smartphone to access the overview map of the “Energised Community” about further charging possibilities. To use these charging options, we recommend the »be.ENERGISED Community« app, where you can enter credit card information or a PayPal account to pay for these charges.

-> be.ENERGISED Community für iOS

-> be.ENERGISED Community für Android

Yes, from 00:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. at +43 50 63 00 50.

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