Our FAQs

You may find the answer to your question here. If you have another question, please send us an email to info@flomobil.com. In the event of a pressing problem, the best thing to do is to contact our hotline which is available to you around the clock at +43 50 63 00 50.

Please check the vehicle for defects, scratches and evidence of an accident before you start your journey and immediately report them to the floMOBIL hotline at +43 50 63 00 50, so that you are not held responsible for them. You can find more information about the vehicle in the respective manuals.

You can lock and unlock your flo with your flo MOBILITYCARD.

Contact your location operator or the floMOBIL Hotline at +43 50 63 00 50.

Yes, you can rent floMOBIL e-cars at all floMOBIL locations! Best of all: apart from local promotions, the same rates apply at every floMOBIL location.

Please note that new floMOBIL locations that are still in the introductory phase are an exception. You can recognize this by the fact that you cannot book the flos of these locations even after logging in.

To make use of the entire floMOBIL fleet, you must be at least 21 years (except Weezl) old and have a valid driving licence in Austria. You also need a completed and signed SEPA direct debit mandate so that we can debit the fees from your account. And, of course, you have to create an account and then pick up your flo MOBILITYCARD at one of our floMOBIL customer offices.

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In order to rent the larger flos – Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Hyundai Ioniq, VW Golf, and BMW i3 – you must be at least 21 years old. You can drive the Weezl, a cabin scooter, from the age of 15. However, you must have a declaration of consent from your parents or legal guardians to register.

Einverständniserklärung unter 18jährigen

You can easily book your flo with your smartphone or via the Website: Enter your preferred floMOBIL station, the day and time, and the planned route length. The system will then automatically check whether an e-vehicle is available at the selected station. If a flo is available, you can complete your booking. If all flos are already assigned at the time in question, you can also book an electric vehicle at other floMOBIL stations.

If you don’t have internet access at the time of booking, call +43 50 63 00 50 and ask for a flo.

The minimum booking period is 30 minutes. For the time being, the maximum booking duration is unlimited so you can rent your flo for as long as you want. But we reserve the right to introduce a maximum booking period at any time.

When booking, you agree to handle the vehicle with care and use it in accordance with the instructions in the manuals, vehicle documentation, and manufacturer’s information. You must properly secure your flo against theft – in other words, you must lock it whenever you get out of the car. Also make sure to close the windows.

You may not use the vehicle for the commercial transportation of people or goods, for motor sport exercises, test purposes, or other illegal purposes. As the user, you may not make the flo available to a third party: you may not let anyone else drive it. Of course, you must also behave according to traffic regulations and maintain a friendly driving style.

The range depends on the type of vehicle, the driving style, its load and many other factors – just like with a combustion engine. In contrast to diesel or petrol cars, city trips with e-vehicles consume less energy than trips on motorways or rural roads.

Experience shows that the average route in Tyrol is nine kilometres. Each of our flos can easily manage that. However, if you would like to drive a longer distance, then use your smartphone to access the overview map  of the “Energised Community” about further charging possibilities. To use these charging options, we recommend the »be.ENERGISED Community« app, where you can enter credit card information or a PayPal account to pay for these charges.

-> be.ENERGISED Community für iOS

-> be.ENERGISED Community für Android

The type of vehicle offered depends on the location. But there is one thing you can be certain of: it will definitely be an e-vehicle.

You can drive as far as you want with your flo. Depending on the rate, you pay between 15 and 20 cents per kilometre.

In principle, you can travel to all of Austria’s immediate neighbors with an flo. To do this, you must have been an active floMOBIL customer for at least 3 months and reside within the EU. Please note: For Italy and Switzerland you officially need a power of attorney. You can apply for this from us for a fee of €5. To do this, send us an email to info@flo-mobil.com

Yes, every e-vehicle in the floMOBIL fleet has a vignette for Austrian motorways, so you are free to choose the road you travel. Additional tolls may apply abroad.

The Weezl is not approved for motorways.

Smoking is prohibited in all flos. You can take animals with you, but only if they are in a suitable transportation box.

As a user, you are obliged to return the vehicle correctly at the end of the agreed period of use. The return is considered correct if the vehicle, with all documents included, has been parked properly at the specified station and connected to the charging station. In addition, the vehicle should be clean inside and outside when returned and parked in such a way that it is secured against theft (locking of windows, doors, and sunroof).

Charging at one of our charging stations  is very easy: Simply place the flo near the station and plug the charging cable into the e-vehicle. The charging cable of the cars is in the trunk, the charging cable of the Weezl is in the back seat. Then plug the charging cable into the charging station as far as it will go. Take the charging card out of the computer, glove box or sun shade and hold it to the charging station until you hear a click. Then please put the charging card back into the computer.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the floMOBIL hotline at +43 50 63 00 50.

The charging cable is in the trunk of your flo. The charging cable is only in the backseat of the Weezl.

In principle, floMOBIL vehicles can be charged with the emergency cable through standard sockets. The emergency cable is in the trunk, like the charging cable. You can recognize it by its Schuko plug.

However, not every household is designed for these permanent loads. This is especially true for households on older electricity grids. We therefore recommend that you charge your flo at public charging stations.

An overview of possible charging stations is in the car. You can also view these online. Due to the built-in safety features, safe charging with green electricity is possible at these stations.

You must return the flo to the same station where you borrowed it from. Please lock the vehicle well and connect it to the charging station with the charging cable.

If the flo you used is unusually dirty or even damaged, please report this immediately to our floMOBIL service team at +43 50 63 00 50.

You booked a flo, but it is not at the charging station? Call our hotline at +43 50 63 00 50.

If a booked vehicle is not available at the specified time – for example because of damage or because the previous user returned it late – the next user is not entitled to compensation despite a successful reservation.

Yes, from 00:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at +43 50 63 00 50.

No, only you are allowed to drive with your flo MOBILITYCARD. Your personal data, such as your driving license details, are stored on the card.

If you let someone else drive your flo, you will lose your insurance coverage and you will be liable for any damage caused by that person. But encourage your friends who want to drive a flo to register themselves. Then they too can use a flo!

Extraordinary costs can arise, for example, from contamination, damage, or breakdowns. You will find a detailed list of possible additional costs in our price and fee list on the rate sheet.

Rate sheet floMOBIL

You are fully insured with floMOBIL with a € 600 (Telfs & Zirl € 700,00) deductible.

If you discover damage, you can check in the context menu of the trip under »Show damage«, whether the respective damage is already known. If this is not the case, please call the floMOBIL hotline at +43 50 63 00 50 immediately and send a picture of the damage to info@flo-mobil.com. Please note that damage that is reported before the start of your journey is always assigned to the previous user. It is therefore in your interest to check the vehicle before you start driving.

Important: If you have caused the damage yourself, the best thing to do is to report it in app immediately. To do this, call up the “Show damage” item and follow the instructions in this menu item.

If you are unsure, you can also call the floMOBIL hotline at +43 50 63 00 50 and report the damage.

In the event of a flo breakdown, please contact our service team immediately at the floMOBIL hotline +43 50 63 00 50.

Our employees will take care of all repairs or organise a towing service if necessary.

In the event of an accident, first make sure you take care of anyone injured at the accident site.

You only need to notify the police if personal injury has occurred or if the exchange of information with anyone else involved in the accident is not possible.

Afterwards, please contact the floMOBIL hotline immediately at +43 50 63 00 50 and follow the instructions of our employees.

Please fill out the European accident report (which is in the log book) and send it to info@flo-mobil.com  or by post to:

Stadtwerke Woergl GmbH
Zauberwinkelweg 2a
6300 Wörgl

If you run out of power while driving, or if you find the e-vehicle empty, please contact the floMOBIL hotline at +43 50 63 00 50.

You will receive your flo MOBILITYCARD after successful registration at a relevant flo customer office.

To register please apply online first. Once you have successfully registered, come to one of our customer offices and pick up your flo customer card! Please bring your driving license and a completed and signed SEPA direct debit form with you.

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In principle, you can charge at all charging points with the flo. But you must pay attention to the following:

The charging plug must fit – for AC charges, the “TYP2” plug is used throughout the fleet. When it comes to DC charging (rapid charging), it depends on the vehicle.

In addition, you either need a suitable charging card, a station with bank card functionality, or you can use the »be.ENERGISED Community« app – where you will have to provide credit card information or a PayPal account. Warning: This is only possible at charging stations that are also shown in the app.